Kithen Rules of One Bulgarian
1. Always clean your hands - every time you enter the kitchen you should clean your hands, also when you touch anything that can be considered as dirty, dusty or anything that would make you not eat the thing that you have touched. In all cases it is mandatory to clean your hands and discard the bacteria from your skin. Here it is important also to mention that women with manicure should clean underneath their clutches.
2. Always be very careful when you are cooking in the kitchen and especially when you have to use electric appliances. Try not to heart yourself, open your eyes and ears and be ready for quick reaction if necessary. Never leave the kitchen appliances unattended for long time - try to have discipline and be well organized when you are in the kitchen, in other words rest with the food and keep it smell real good.
3. Cook with love. If you do not love the dishes you prepare, why should the others love them.
4. Always decorate your dishes. It can be a leaf or some pinches of a condiment, the dishes look more attractive when served with decoration and are difficult to forget, when one comes back home.
5. Never leave the kitchen dirty - once you finish with the preparation of your dishes, please clean every piece and place of the kitchen. You would not like it if you go home and see your kitchen fully disordered and completely dirty no one would like that, so you should never leave the kitchen dirty after you visit it.
6. Always check all cooking and electric appliances - if they are switched off or not. This can reflect to a burned house or apartment and many kinds of serious injuries and incidents.
7. Be kind with the tools and appliances you use and keep them always clean and healthy-looking. What is good for you is good for your family and friends as well as for the other people that can taste your dishes.
8. Cook like never before - try to do experiments with food without exaggerating.
9. Remember our country, your traditions and your origin and relay the whole information to the next generations, so the whole story can be always remembered forever for the human kind and prosperity.
10. Respect food and try to feel the difference between good, healthy and unhealthy food. In fact we should know what we are putting in our mouths and what we are are giving to the others - remember that no one should be aimed to hurt nobody, but to bring them pleasure and taste, also the style of the author is not to be left out unseen.
To preserve leftover egg yolks for future use, place them into a
small bowl and add two tablespoons of salad oil. Then put into
refrigerator. The egg yolks will remain soft and fresh, and egg
yolks kept in this way can be used in many ways.
You may determine the age of an egg by placing it in the bottom
of a bowl of cold water. If it lays on its side, it is strictly fresh. If it
stands at an angle it is at least three days old and ten days old if it
stands on end.
To keep egg yolks from crumbling when slicing hard-cooked eggs,
wet the knife before each cut.
Bread crumbs added to scrambled eggs will improve the flavor
and make larger helpings possible.
A tablespoon of vinegar added to the water when poaching eggs
will help set the whites so they will not spread.
Generations of Recipes
When cooking eggs it helps prevent cracking if you wet the shells
in cold water before placing them in boiling water.
Add a little vinegar to the water when an egg cracks during
boiling. It will help seal the egg.
Meringue will not shrink if you spread it on the pie so that it
touches the crust on each side and bake it in a moderate oven.
When you cook eggs in the shell, put a big teaspoon of salt in the
water. Then the shell won’t crack.
Set eggs in pan of warm water before using as this releases all
white from shells.
Egg whites for meringue should be set out to room temperature
before beating, then they can be beaten to greater volume.
If you want to make a pecan pie and haven’t any nuts, substitute
crushed cornflakes. They will rise to the top the same as nuts and
give a delicious flavor and crunchy surface.
To prevent crust from becoming soggy with cream pie, sprinkle
crust with powdered sugar.
Cut drinking straws into short lengths and insert through slits in
pie crusts to prevent juice from running over in the oven and
permit steam to escape.
Put a layer of marshmallows in the bottom of a pumpkin pie, then
add the filling. You will have a nice topping as the marshmallow
will come to the top.
If the juice from your apple pie runs over in the oven, shake some
salt on it, which causes the juice to burn to a crisp so it can be
Use cooking or salad oil in waffles and hot cakes in the place of
shortening. No extra pan or bowl to melt the shortening and no
Top 20 most used spices in USA
Top 20 Herbs & Spices
Rank Herb / Spice Comments
1 Garlic Powder I use it in nearly every savory dish.
2 Whole Peppercorns Get a grinder and you won't use pre-ground pepper again!
3 Oregano Rub between palms before adding to release more flavor.
4 Basil Goes with oregano well.
5 Dill Weed Essential for fish.
6 Paprika Sweet Hungarian is my favorite. Sgezed preferred.
7 Cumin Essential for Mexican dishes.
8 Cinnamon Baking and curries.
9 Nutmeg Baking and cream sauces. Better to grate your own.
10 Rosemary Poultry basic.
11 Saffron Truly worth the expense. A little goes a long way.
12 Sage A must for poultry.
13 Thyme Good with meat and poultry.
14 Parsley Good for adding color. Mild flavor.
15 Bay Leaf A must for soups and stews.
16 Tarragon Good with seafood and poultry.
17 Onion Powder I used this as a flavor booster instead of salt.
18 Chile Powder Get the real thing, not a blend.
19 Celery Seed My potato salad has to have it.
20 Arrowroot Great for thickening sauces.
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