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  • Шафранът - царят на подправките
    Шафранът е една от най-скъпите подправки, които човечеството познава. Нарича се още и "царят на подправките". Шафранът представлява културен вид минзухар от семейство Перуникови, наричан още„Crocus sativus” или на кратко Шафран. Среща се и расте в районите на Кашмир, Кавказ, Испания, Португалия и Китай, а е култивиран за първи път в района на Гърция.
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  • How does CHEFDOME work?
    Website Languages
    CHEFDOME starts to function in English and Bulgarian. Soon the website will be translated also to French, German, Spanish, Russian, Greek and Italian, but that doesn’t stop you from entering and viewing recipes in different languages. Please check periodically for new languages and all sorts of cool updates. We will constantly be working to add features and improve translations for our members.
    Profiles & Recipes
    Once you register a profile within CHEFDOME you will be able to create your recipes in a broad range of languages and share them with the world. When adding a recipe, first make sure that you have selected the correct language, to allow the recipe be shown in the correct language folder, when anyone tries to sort it by language from the Language menu on the RECIPES page. If a recipe is not in a language you understand – translate it!
    Languages & Translations
    Once you open a recipe you can translate it by Google Translate to any preferred language. Please note that the quality of the translations may vary from language to language and sometimes may not be relevant. However, this doesn’t prevent you from understanding the recipe basics. Additionally, POSTS and member INFO can be translated as well. You’re also encouraged to message other members with questions.
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